Small Business Team Building: Learn From Team Building with Sheep?!


Chris Farnsworth, a shepherd from Wiltshire, England, turns his sheepherding experience into a great business idea – an unconventional team-building course! This course brings groups of people together and teaches them how to effectively communicate with each other and work in a team to generate the best result. More than that, participants will learn about themselves and how to be an inspiration to others in the team.

This alternative way of team building has been a great hit among local business professionals. Most importantly, this course helps participants to discover their own strengths and have them realized and combined in the team. What can be better than learning and having fun at the same time?! Team building can really help workplaces become more engaged with their work. Knowing how to measure engagement in employees is very important, not only for the employee but for the running of the business, happy employees can give a better work output.

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